Explore Dubai!

Are you going to discover Dubai? This article has everything you need to make the most of your visit.

Explore Dubai!


Strolling on a camel, dressed like a Bedouin; head in the clouds at the top of the highest skyscraper; shopping for souvenirs or local products; Quad biking or Buggy riding on red dunes or even barbecue in the desert; Dubai will give you all these sensations during a well organised stay. 16 million visitors came to Dubai in 2018 from all over the world (official figures). 12th place in the Traveler's Choice 2020 ranking of the world's most popular destinations, also retaining the number one spot in the Khalij region (Golf)

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    The Burj Khalifa is impressive by day and by night

    Dubai is your choice for the return of the warm weather too? Here are some ideas for a good time with family and friends:

    A skyscraper of 828 metres and 152 floors, with a temperature difference between its foot and the 124th floor of 6 degrees Celsius. You will make this journey in only 45 seconds.

    The visit will certainly be more pleasant during the day, avoiding the crowds that gather there in the evening and the milder temperatures. At night, a light show and water fountains amaze visitors, but beware of the music, which is difficult to escape.

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    Souq Adh-Dhahab (Gold Market)

    This is the time to lose your credit card because attracted by all the gold shining in the windows of this market, you may succumb, but it is worth going through this covered souk, which offers a rather staggering spectacle. You will also find precious stones, silver jewellery and souvenirs for the smaller budgets.

    The Dubai Gold Center is located in the Deira district (old Dubai), a short taxi-boat ride across the canal will get you there and it is quite pleasant.

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    Let's go for a ride on the red dunes!

    Choose the best times of the day to make the most of your activities. Go for a quad ride on the red dunes, ride a camel, sandboard, admire the art of henna and pictures of Arab costumes, finish with a barbecue in the desert with an excellent mint tea

    And yes, Dubai is also that!

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    Dubai Frame a 150m high frame.

    Have you heard of the Dubai Frame? Continuing the superlatives that characterise Dubai, Dubai Frame is the largest frame in the world, offering a breathtaking view of the city. The Sky Deck is very beautiful, very original and truly futuristic. Moreover, the glass floor gives you a glimpse of what's below you, 150 meters below. The view on the city is different from the one offered by the Burj Khalifa, but the 2 views are complementary.

    You will have the opportunity to see two interesting exhibitions during your visit to the Dabai Frame, one dealing with Dubai 50 years ago and allowing you to understand the rapidity of the city's development.

    And the second dealing with the future of Dubai, 50 years from now. Offering a projection of the city's potential future projects and development. PS: These 2 exhibitions are included in the entrance ticket for Dubai Frame. They are located on the ground floor, at the level of the 2 pillars of the building. Enjoy your stay!

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