Our advice for doing Hajj and Umrah with children

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Our advice for doing Hajj and Umrah with children


Travelling with children is not an easy task, especially if you want to make one of the most beautiful journeys of your life, the Hajj or Umrah. How can you organize your stay? Here are our tips and tricks for doing Hajj and Umrah with children.

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    Preparations before you leave!

    In order not to forget anything and to organize your preparations, we advise you to make different lists.

    Prepare your journey spiritually, by reading guides and books on the two pilgrimages and the rites to be performed. Do activities around the pilgrimage with your children...

    Rediscover the history of the Kaaba as a family, it is the ideal opportunity to show your children the importance of our religion in our lives, and of these magnificent places.

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    Before your stay

    When booking your stay, prefer hotels close to mosques, to avoid a long walk for your children.

    Before your departure, it is mandatory to have a meningitis vaccination, for both children and parents.

    Take photos of your ID documents, keep copies at home, and in your secure mailbox or drive, for easy access. Also keep a list of people to contact in case of emergency. Take your essentials, your invocation book, your Qur'an and your special guide Hajj and Umra.

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    optimize your trip!

    To help you find your way around once you get there, you can buy simple phones to give to the children on your outings.

    Label your stuff and backpacks. Prepare a badge for each of your children with their first and last name, date of birth, blood type, nationality, telephone numbers, hotel name.

    Bring your own toiletries and a first-aid kit with basic medicines, also for children. If you are undergoing medical treatment, take your medication, your prescription, and the health records of the whole family.

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    Opt for clothing that is appropriate for the weather. During certain periods, temperatures are low and mornings and evenings are relatively cool. If you go away in the summer, take hats and mist for the children. Also take good shoes, so that you can walk without pain.

    In order not to break certain habits in young children, bring their usual nappies because the components sometimes vary for the same brand depending on the country, thus avoiding any risk of allergy.

    Put some sweets and snacks in your luggage to satisfy your cravings during your stay. Also plan to save room for the return trip, you will surely have some souvenirs with you.

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    Travel more serenely and enjoy your stay!

    Your plane trip will probably take several hours. Plan fun activities to keep your children occupied during this long time, colouring, strategy games (power 4, who is it in Arabic etc.), or quizzes for example. If your children are teenagers, take their essentials to keep them occupied as well.

    The first thing to do when you arrive on site is to put your things in the cupboards. Then look at the planning of your stay all together. It is important to give instructions to your children. If they get lost, whether they are small or teenagers, you should tell them to explain the situation to a police guard or someone in uniform. There are many members of the police force who will be able to help them easily, especially with their personalized badge.

    Drink Zem Zem water as a family, encourage your children to do good deeds. Above all, don't put pressure on yourself, enjoy your stay. You are living one of the most important moments of your life.

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